Production is an integral part of ONUR GROUP. Production includes such spheres as concrete, reinforced concrete, cement and asphalt industry, woodworking, and production of high-quality and reliable containers and structures for constructing prefabricated houses.

Since the first days of its operation, thanks to the emphasis on quality and deсisiveness in overcoming any difficulties, our company has achieved significant success in production as production in the ONUR GROUP is carried out on principle – the best products of the highest quality.

In 2009 the prefabricated houses construction company “Opalon Prefabrik” joined the ONUR GROUP. And since 2019, Wood Industries LLC, engaged in the woodworking industry, has become a part of the ONUR GROUP. Another of our companies, “EFE Beton” is a leader in producing and transporting concrete, mixtures, concrete and reinforced concrete structures, and paving slabs.

“Agrobudservice” produces mineral fillers for construction chemical enterprises and the production of asphalt, limestone, and other dry construction mixtures.